Is Assisted Living the Right Choice for Me?

Is Assisted Living the Right Choice for Me?

There are many age-related changes that can affect a senior’s ability to live independently. Loss of mobility, health problems, cognitive decline, and reduced vision, for instance, can take years to progress, but will eventually cause disruptions in a senior’s everyday life.

Understanding when it’s time to consider assisted living for yourself or an older loved one can be an emotional process. Fortunately, today’s assisted living communities are designed to preserve independence and increase quality of life for residents. Here are five clues that assisted living is the right choice for you or a loved one.

Needing help with activities of daily living

A senior’s ability to safely and successfully complete daily tasks is a key factor in determining whether it is time for assisted living. Some common signs that a loved one is having difficulty handling everyday tasks on their own include:

  • Trouble cooking, cleaning, and maintaining household chores
  • Changes in personal hygiene 
  • Difficulty managing medications, appointments, or finances
  • Inability to safely drive

Assisted living communities are designed to provide around-the-clock support and assistance to help keep seniors on track with medication, meals, personal care, appointments and more. When residents get the extra assistance they need for their daily tasks, they can focus more time relaxing and doing what they love.

Physical health concerns

Getting older often goes hand-in-hand with physical health issues. Health concerns can make daily life more challenging, limiting mobility and increasing the need for support that many families are not qualified to handle on their own. From heart disease to diabetes or other chronic conditions like arthritis, a move to an assisted living community can be a positive way to ensure seniors receive the care and support they need as their physical health changes or declines.

Feeling lonely and isolated

Research shows that staying socially connected in your golden years helps promote better physical, mental, and emotional health. However, many factors can make it difficult to lead an active and social life in our golden years, including mobility issues, health problems, and lack of transportation; and seniors living alone are at a higher risk for social isolation and depression. Assisted living communities offer plenty of opportunities for conversations, activities, and events that nurture connections and foster companionship.

Fall risk

It can be very dangerous for your loved one to live alone if they have a high risk of falling. Unfortunately, older adults are more prone to injuries from falls, like hip fractures or head trauma. These injuries can also take a long time to heal and affect a senior’s ability to live on their own.

Common signs that a senior is at risk of falling include:

  • Having fallen at least once within the past year
  • Poor balance or muscle weakness due to age or chronic health issues
  • Having a poorly lit or cluttered home
  • Certain medications
  • Memory loss or cognitive decline

Seniors who are concerned about falling can reduce their risk by moving to an assisted living community. Assisted living communities provide advanced safety features, alert systems, and specially trained care staff throughout the day and night to not only reduce the risk of falls but provide immediate access to medical care if an accident does occur.

Poor nutrition

Healthy eating habits become more important with age. A well-balanced diet is essential for physical health and can also help increase immune strength and cognitive function. Unfortunately, many seniors who live alone have trouble meeting their nutrition requirements due to poor health or physical limitations.

Assisted living communities understand the importance of healthy eating habits and incorporate strategies to promote them. This includes offering a variety of fresh, nutritious meal options every day and providing education on balanced diets that promote healthy aging.

Start the Conversation About Assisted Living Today

Deciding that it is time for assisted living is a complex and emotional process. Recognizing signs and starting the conversation with your loved one is an important first step. Moving to assisted living doesn’t mean relinquishing control; it’s an important transition to a phase of life where your loved one can thrive in a safe environment tailored to their needs.

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