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Ask a Resident!

Considering Morning Star Village for yourself or a loved one? Still have questions about being a resident? Well who to tell you better than an actual resident! Submit your questions below and we will forward to one of our residents for a reply. We will then be in touch via phone or email to share their responses. 

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Ask a Resident:

I think I am ready to move to a retirement community, but I’m worried about leaving my house with the virus scare.  I feel I am safer here.


I think you would be safer here and have a lot fewer things to worry about.

We have nurses around the clock to come and check on us whenever we feel sick

We receive three tasty meals and snacks every day without worrying about buying food, putting it away, fixing it and cleaning up!

Our apartment and building are continually being cleaned and sanitized; much more than I could have done at home

We have someone continually caring for our well-being so my kids can miss me, but don’t have to worry about how I am managing.

Someone makes sure all of my medications are available and that I take them correctly.  I remember when I would run short and have to call my daughter to get my prescription refilled right away.

My daughter went months without a beauty shop appointment for a haircut; I didn’t  – my hair was cut and styled right here.

We aren’t going out right now, and not having visitors just like home; but all of our needs are met without a worry, which is more than I could say if I was still at home.

I loved my house and neighborhood, but I worried, and my kids worried about me.  Here I live worry free and my kids are happy knowing I am well taken care of.