“Morning Star’s greatest attribute is you and your staff. We cannot say enough about that. All of your staff was always very nice to (mom). Especially in her last month or two when she was very sick. You folks went above and beyond our expectations. It seemed as though you could never do enough for her, and for us also.”

“I just want to send my thanks for being so kind and helpful with the transition of (mom) from her house to her ‘new home’.”

“Just want you to know how much we appreciate all you do for us, on July 4th and all year through.”

“I visit Mom a couple times per week and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with her there. After some expected initial reluctance, I see her increasingly enjoying the companionship and your ‘caring for each other’ attitude. I think you have a swell facility and I’m happy to see Mom wearing a brighter face than what she had when she was lonely at home.”

“We would like to thank everyone at MSV for the wonderful friendship and care given to (mom) while she lived there. Both residents and staff at MSV are very special people.”

“I want to express my very deep appreciation for the ride that (staff) so thoughtfully gave me. This sort of caring is what makes Morning Star Village so special and so superior to other Assisted Living Residences in the Rockford area. I can’t imagine a key manager offering this opportunity to me at (another facility). It is one of the reasons I expect to be a resident here for the long term. It is also why I unreservedly recommend MSV to prospective residents. I congratulate you on your enlightened leadership that encourages staff members to take the initiative in caring for resident needs.”